Commercial Doors

Haas Commercial Garage Doors

Entry doors, garage doors, roll-ups and more, for your franchise or small business, featuring high durability and sleek design.

C.H.I. Rolling Steel Commercial Doors

Engineered for maximum durability, the C.H.I. Rolling Steel Commercial Doors are reliable, architecturally pleasing, and easy to maintain.

Rolling Service Doors

Designed according to time-proven principles, the C.H.I. Rolling Service Doors are well-built and high-performing. Choose from a variety of slat types, gauges, and operation types for any commercial application.

Roll-Up Counter Shutters

Combining strength, flexibility, and style, the C.H.I. Roll-Up Counter Shutter Doors are offered in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. All models in the 6500 Series provide a seamless, clean appearance.

Haas Commercial Aluminum Doors

Made with aluminum rails and stiles, as well as glass sections affording a full view, these commercial doors are designed with strength and durability in mind. For a clean, modern look, choose Haas Commercial Aluminum Doors.

Haas Insulated Steel Doors

Enhance your building’s aesthetics while insulating against temperature extremes and dampening outside noise. Highly energy efficient, all Haas Insulated Steel doors offer environmentally-compliant polyurethane insulation.

Haas American Tradition Doors

Combining modern materials with traditional elegance, American Tradition™ series by Haas brings that classic look of a genuine carriage house door. The two inches of 26-gauge galvanized steel with full thermal break insulation come in 12 different designs, 12 base & overlay colors, and 10 window options for the top sections.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Available from a variety of manufacturers, rolling steel fire doors are designed in compliance with relevant safety standards, from the NFPA to the IFC. Providing an extremely tight seal against weather, contaminants, and fire hazards, fire doors save lives and preserve property!

C.H.I. Guardian™ Fire Doors deliver reliable, predictable, repeatable results in a variety of gauges and slat profiles. Failsafe delayed releases, smoke detectors and audiovisual warning systems are available with most models.

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