Here is a list of common garage door issues, and a few simple fixes as proposed by Pioneer Door’s professionals.

If these solutions don’t work, feel free to contact us directly!
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What Do I Do When My Garage Door Won’t Close?

If your garage door reverses when you attempt to close it, the operator makes a clicking sound, the light flashes, or you have to hold down your wall button in order to close the door, these are signs your safety eyes may be out of alignment. Follow these instructions for an easy fix:

1. Locate the safety sensors. On most doors, there are two black sensors situated on either side of your tracks, somewhere near the floor.

2. Check to ensure at least one sensor shows a light. This means your sensor is receiving power. If neither safety sensor shows a light, you may have a bad wire or bad sensors. Give us a call for help!

3. Once you’re sure at least one sensor has a light, pick one of the sensors to align. Loosen up the wing-nut and point the eye to face the ceiling, taking it completely out of alignment. Then point the sensor directly at the other sensor across the door. You may have to try several positions before your door will close.

What If Remotes and Keypads Open the Door But Don’t Close It?

LED light bulbs emit a frequency that interferes with the signal sent out by your remotes and keypads. If you have any LED bulbs in or around your garage door opener, turning on the light kills the frequency that allows your remotes and keypads to work.

Try switching out your light bulb with a normal incandescent light bulb. If you wish to continue using energy-efficient bulbs, there are approved LED bulbs, such as:

  • Phillips 425256
  • ECO Smart ECS A19CW 60W E120
  • ECO Smart ECS GP19 W27 40WE FR 120 DG
  • Cree BA19-04527OMF-12DE26-2U100
  • 3M RRA19B4
  • Sylvania 72554
  • Feit BPAG800DM-LED
  • Feit R20_DM_LED

These safe-to-use LED light bulbs are available for you to purchase in our showroom for your convenience. If you don’t have any LED lights and your remotes and keypads won’t close your door, you may have a circuit board issue and should give us a call.

What If My Remotes and Keypads Aren’t Working?

Start by replacing the battery. Single batteries are available in our showroom, or you can find them in most stores.

If replacing the battery doesn’t work, your remote may need to be reprogrammed. Different manufacturers require different programming instructions. The best way to find the correct programming instructions is by Googling instructions for your model of remote and opener. If you’re unable to find instructions, give us a call!

What If My Keypad Lights Up But Won’t Operate the Door?

If your keypad lights up when pressed but doesn’t open your door, it may need to be reprogrammed. Google instructions for the model of your opener and keypad.

If your keypad is heavily used or an older model, consider using a different code. Buttons can become worn over time and stop working, so programming a new code with completely different digits may solve your problem.

What If My Keypad Does Not Light Up At All?

Try changing the battery. If the keypad still will not light up, you might need a replacement. Give us a call!

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